Spencer Lacrosse London

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Wilkinson Sword / Iroquois Cup

Spencer 3 – 11 Stockport

Read the ELA Match Report.

![](http://www.spencerlax.co.uk/images/wsic2013-01-sm.jpeg)Max Sandy on the offensive
![](http://www.spencerlax.co.uk/images/wsic2013-02-sm.jpeg)Rick saves a shot from the Stockport #17
![](http://www.spencerlax.co.uk/images/wsic2013-03-sm.jpeg)Sam Dunwoodie hits the floor – No penalty
![](http://www.spencerlax.co.uk/images/wsic2013-04-sm.jpeg)Jarrad Pangrazio focussed on the ball
![](http://www.spencerlax.co.uk/images/wsic2013-05-sm.jpeg)Yes, that’s five players in the penalty box!
![](http://www.spencerlax.co.uk/images/wsic2013-06-sm.jpeg)Pressure from the Spencer D forces the shot wide
![](http://www.spencerlax.co.uk/images/wsic2013-07-sm.jpeg)A Stockport attack player gets close attention, but probably still got the shot away.
![](http://www.spencerlax.co.uk/images/wsic2013-08-sm.jpeg)The defence opens up for a long shot
![](http://www.spencerlax.co.uk/images/wsic2013-09-sm.jpeg)Max Sandy (again) using his speed to move the ball through transition
![](http://www.spencerlax.co.uk/images/wsic2013-10-sm.jpeg)Sam Dunwoodie can’t escape the attention of the Stockport #26
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