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Results 13th January 2018

13th January saw all but the 1s playing their first fixture of 2018, the highlight being the clash at the top of East 1 Division seeing our second team take on our third team.

Hitchin 2 - 26 Spencer

Spencer travelled up north to Hitchin who, in their season opener at Spencer, had suffered a brutal 33-0 defeat. Things were closer this time but the scoreline was still pretty one-sided.

Team captain Tom Roche had the following to say about the match:

Hitchin were a much better side than the first time we faced them, and fought very hard all game long. For us both nick Acutt and Paul Wainwright were great in the middle of the field, providing us with as much of the ball as we needed. Rob Holmes had a quiet game with only 17 points for the day.

Spencer 2s 15 - 11 Spencer 3s

The newly-promoted Spencer 3s came in to this match as underdogs but with a nothing-to-lose attitude. The second team are undefeated at the top of East 1 and sitting just below them are Spencer 3s.

One of the match's most exciting matchups saw Josh Dodd taking on James "Moose" Morrison at the face off, an encounter that would eventually see Josh take joint man of the match honors with Ric Topham.

The most controversial point of the match came just after Sean Keane had rifled home a shovel shot on a sweeping drive from behind the cage. Seconds later he was told by the officials to drop his stick as the opposition had called a "stick check". After some investigative work it turned out the salty individual was no other than Benji who ended up winning dick of the day and handbag for the threes as well as dick of the day for the twos. Strong!

Canterbury 10 - 12 Spencer 4s

A game that looked to be in the bag ended up being a real nailbiter for the 4s this weekend. Captain Mike Cooper sums the game up:

The fours got off to a slow start against Canterbury. After conceding the first goal they ended the first quarter 3-2 down.

After rallying in the second quarter to go up 6-4, they ended the third 10-6.

The win now looked fairly certain, but after scoring the first goal of the quarter Spencer conceded four goals in quick succession. With only a few minutes left Spencer managed to grab a decisive final goal to win 12-10.

Next Week's Fixtures

Hillcroft - Spencer
Epsom - Spencer 2
Spencer 3 - Oxford Uni
Hitchin A - Spencer 4

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