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League Week 7: Spencer 3's 5 - 12 East Grinstead A

Spencer 3’s shot themselves in the foot with a slow start gifting EG four early goals. A contributing factor was a half-hearted warm-up so neither bodies or minds were ready at game time.

The 2nd and 3rd quarters were evenly matched. Both teams battled hard in the midfield and worked some nice shooting opportunities. Spencer scored some lovely team goals but also missed a number of some golden chances during the middle phase of the game.

Quick mentions for Spencer’s Gavin Park who again was superb at face-off, Rodney who gets better each week and kept up his habit of scoring each game, and Mike for his first game of the season.

With a four goal lead going into the final quarter, EG controlled possession well and finished the stronger team with a late rally of goals.

This game was played for double honours, league and flags, at the request of EG. So they collect the 3 points and progress to the next round of the knockout competition.

Quarter Scores: 0-4 / 2-6 / 4-8 / 5-12

Spencer III’s were;
Colin Byrne, Toby Rule, Glen Gardener, Gareth Jones, Brendan Callan, Rob Gooch, Gavin Park, Rodney Yong-Set (1 goal), Stevie Schumacher, Mike Cowley, Sam Horowitz, Mark Davies (3) and Cliff Hide (1)

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