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League Week 5: Spencer 3's 5 - 8 London University

The 3’s winning streak ended at the hands of London University. Our 19-man squad on Friday evening somehow ended up being just 12. Was the early midday game time not communicated to everyone? Did 7 players just have Saturday morning disasters? Whatever the reason, it would impact the game as the home team lost the loose ball battle. As the game progressed, London Uni had more energy, and with it, more confidence.

Everyone struggled to pick up ground balls on the heavy King George’s Park pitch. London Uni won the ground ball battle by getting more people involved. Few were cleanly won, but generally 3 against 1 on the floor made a huge difference. Spencer needed an injection of energy.

Hugo and Ben tried just that, leading by example sharing LSM duties and moving the ball up the field with pace and skill. A rushed or just bad pass from the home side then too often just gave it away again.

During the closing minutes of the game, Spencer were always two goals shy of the London tally. Right at the death, London made it eight goals with a rude kick into the net after another loose ball battle just outside Colin’s goalie crease.

Spencer 3’s were
Colin Byrne, Toby Rule, Jamie Muir Wood, Ben McLellan, Hugo Hobson, Gavin Park, Rob Gooch, James Sweetman, Emilio, Andy Mottershead, Nick Flew and Jon Dodd

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