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League Week 4: Walcountian Blues 2 - 19 Spencer

Making a statement takes character, poise and intent. On an unseasonably cold day at Blues, Spencer sought to make their statement.

The team attempted to thaw out with an energetic jog around the pitch. After some stick work the sparrows were looking sharp and still cold.

Spencer uncharacteristically had all players at the starting whistle. This was no doubt due to the margin of error set by Liam with the team arriving nearly two hours before face-off.

Kohl could learn from Liam by creating a margin of error from ridicule. Instead he donned a day-glow yellow gap jumper under the sparrow shirt. Welcome sir dicketh-of-the-day, your pint awaits.

The game started quickly with Spencer scoring within the first minute. Other goals followed but the Blues were matching Spencer early on with two individual finishes. Ant Kirkwood took his mind off his upcoming half Marathon made sure that wouldn’t happen anymore.

The Spencer gearbox is an engineering marvel. The game didn’t just shift up a gear, it shifted up about 40. After conceding 2 the almighty sparrows went 15 – 0 for the rest of the game.

Rick ‘solid as a’ Bone was the epitome of consistency. Casually denying all threats that came goal-bound.

The defence need special mention. Kirkwood, Keeley, Clarke and Roo all dominated. As soon as the sparrow defence was breached, it recovered with amazing speed. Their attack was as effective as Kohl’s jumper was aesthetically pleasing on the eye. Clarke got on the score sheet with a goal that was ‘not around the back’ according to Bailey.

The midfield ran tirelessly throughout the day. The motion started making an appearance and if it was not for the greedy attack, then they would have got more goals. Arnott, Kohl and Darkins all got on the score sheet.

Liam was seeing stars either because he could not believe the fluidity and form of the Spencer team. Or because someone booted him in the head while he was on the floor. It did nothing to stop him carrying on and leading the flock to victory.

Sam had an uncharacteristically quiet day and is obviously enjoying his semi-gardening leave.

Jarrad finally shook off his jet-lag and started slicing through their defence like Warne’s off spin with a number of goals. Or maybe he was just warmer than everyone else with that beard.

Overall, Spencer made the statement. No one is in any doubt that Spencer are up for it this year. We want the league, we don’t want to lose the flags. And I still can’t decide if Kohl’s jumper was his Mums.

Oh yeah, Rob Holmes scored some goals too.

Spencer were;
Rick Bone, Ant Kirkwood, Jonny Clarke, Roo Cheetham, Tom Bailey, Alan Keeley, Max Sandy, Kohl Meyer, Will Walker, Liam McGreavy, Joe Darkins, Rob Arnott, Jarrad Pangrazio, Rob Holmes and Sam Dunwoodie

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