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League Week 21

Hitchin 7 – 7 Spencer

Sorry, no match report available.

Reading 2’s P – P Spencer 2’s

Game was stopped at half-time with Spencer leading 5-1. If this game is to be replayed it will probably be early April.

Welwyn 2’s 11 – 2 Spencer 3’s

The 3’s got well beaten today. Welwyn 2’s were quicker to every breakdown, often getting 2 or 3 players to the ball before Spencer. When Spencer did have possession it often did not last long so the game was played with Welwyn on the attack for about 95% of the time.

With that considered, it was a great defensive performance, only conceding 11 goals (including a couple of real soft ones late on) against a team who are averaging 17 per game.

Spencer were missing three or four 1st choice players plus had Andrew and Rob suffering from colds, and Rodney feeling so ill he left the pitch during the 2nd quarter to be sick back in the changing rooms. But excuses over, we were well beaten. With our full strength squad hopefully available for our 3 remaining games, we hope to pick up the wins we need to stay in East Division 2.

Spencer 3’s were;
Colin Byrne, Toby Rule, Chris Jones, Mark Williams (debut), Brendan Callan, Gavin Park, Rob Gooch, Rodney Yong-Set, Keane Yarish, Glen Gardener (1 goal), Andrew Mottershead (1) and Peter Compton

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