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League Week 20: Spencer 21 - 2 Purley

What to do with yourself?! A whole free Saturday without any lacrosse. After a day of shopping, drinking, steaks and pedicures Spencer arrived at the home ground to take on Purley. Two victories away from securing the league baby. The first (of many we hope) trophies for the season.

It was cold. Winter cold. But it didn’t stop a certain jersey boy wanting to ‘naked Harlem shake’. There was a threat the game would be called off but the groundsman felt the inner sparrow and gave it the green light. With the pitch ready and the players pumped Rick went to grab a pint and the rest of the team headed onto the pitch.

The team warmed up well with the 11 men of Purley looking sceptically at the well drilled and pumped Spencer team.

The game started in Spencers favour and continued in the same fashion all the way through. The sparrows started with the most clinical quarter Spencer have had all season which ended 9 – 0. Two of the usual attackers Sam “big game player” Dunwoody and Rob “basketball fluffer” Holmes both absent. Alan “making babies” Keeley was also absent but in came sturdy recruits to produce a formidable flock.

arrad “hickory arm bollock” Pengrazio was in formidable form with seven goals on the day. Will “disco stick” Walker thundered in a shots past the helpless keeper. Joe “my ankle still hurts” Darkins stepped in to bag a few.

The first quarter really shell shocked Purley and they realised that without stepping up their game they might be dealt a taste of their own historic form. Spencer didn’t quite maintain the impressive form of the first quarter. But the result was never in doubt.

Kohl “Jarrad lip bitch” Meyer was in impressive form scoring from the previous night, throughout the game and into the early hours of next morning this author presumes. Athlete. Max “swing and catch” Sandy was terrorising the defence and scored an absolute ripper in the top corner. Liam “the groundsman’s my bitch” Mcgreavy was scoring on the day and commanding the troops. Rob “don’t just take him out, sit on him” Arnott put in some massive hits. Gabe “uk junior beer pong champ” Barry and Cam “the defenders twice my age” Leslie were tireless and bagged goals. Sick.

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