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League Week 2: Purley 2 - 11 Spencer

Not unlike Sarah, wife of Abraham, Spencer waited for their miracle as the team assembled at Purley for the second game of the season. Instead of waiting for the father of the Jews, Spencer were waiting for Rick “where is Rick?” Bone.

Liam McGreavy was about to adorn a shoulder pad to his throat to play in goal with a make-shift chest pad. Obviously winning the game was more important than his personal safety, something Ant “child abuser” Kirkwood didn’t share, but we’ll come to that later.

Literally a rainbow appeared in the heavens like a sign from the almighty lax god and delivered Rick in time to make the start of the match. Much to Purley’s annoyance and Liam “thank f**k!!!” McGreavy’s obvious delight.

If lacrosse required a game which showcased the sport in all its glory; Purley was not that game. It was wet, scrappy and far from the standard Spencer has set itself. But there was a job to do so the sparrows dug deep and went for the win.

The scoring opened again by Sam “it isn’t a bike unless it has one gear” Dunwoody. Holmes, Sandy, Jarred, Arnott and Khol also got on the score sheet.

The attack and midfield worked hard all day and created chances. The team are still searching for the mythical ‘motion’ offence, but it’s only time before the team is born again and embraces the calling.

The defence requires special mention. Both the good and bad. The defence was solid and only two lucky goals sneaked past the sparrow stronghold.

Keeley, Bailey, kirkwood and Johnny were imposing and coordinated. There was a few times where Keeley resembled a meat cleaver, but that’s the defender we’ve come to rely on.

A single momentary lapse in the defensive unit was Ant Kirkwood’s little dance with a minor. After being pushed, the ex-Stockport defender decided to devolve back to his roots to have a hug and cuddle.

As the Purley players rushed to aid their fellow under #12 player, he swung a precious right hook square onto Ant’s helmet. It was about this time that Keeley was ripping the young lads helmet off and the scuffle was all over.

A dejected Ant somberly walked to the bench, knowing full well that the small lad had roughed him up a bit.

The rest of the match continued without incident. Spencer played a bit run and gun and lacked that strong finish the team is looking for. But on the day it was a great result.

With one shower between two lacrosse teams and two rugby teams Spencer headed to the bar to enjoy some beer and food.

DOTD : Rick Bone
MOTM : Tom Bailey

Spencer were;
Rick Bone, Alan Keeley, Ant Kirkwood, Tom Bailey, Johnny Clarke, Kohl Meyer, Liam McGreavy, Will Walker, Max Sandy, Rob Arnott, Joe Darkins, Rob Holmes, Jarryd Pangrazio and Sam Dunwoodie

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