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League Week 18: Cardiff 5 - 14 Spencer

Through some miracle, all the Spencer team made it onto the same train at 9:45 (am that is). Spencer was determined to do as much damage to Wales as the Normans as they were off to play Cardiff in the league.

You can identify a true English athlete because he’ll be drinking on the train at ten in the morning on his way to a game four hours away. Spencer is full of these athletes.

The players settled comfortably into other peoples seats as they flexed their monopoly muscle, drank and relaxed. It would be a long trip there and back and after last seasons huge 3-2 win, Spencer was not taking the game lightly.

Once arriving at the ground all the players suited up and headed out to the surprisingly well kept rugby pitch the game was to be played on. After a quick warm up, the game was to be under way. There were only three long sticks and a reshuffle in attack the sparrows were not taking anything for granted.

The game started well but tight as both teams looked to dominate, Spencer through team play and Cardiff through “let’s run them into the ground”.

Cardiff were testing the defence through an impressive cannon fodder approach. They were running iso’s up top against the Spencer defence who were all sliding and covering well. Anything slipping through was mopped up by Rick “6 beers” Bone.

Spencer got off to a scoring start due to the hard work in the middle of the park making sure transition was smooth. Max “don’t pass go, don’t collect $200” Sandy was impressive as usual and ran all day notching a couple of goals including a double attempt round the back (and just saving himself from dick of the day). Liam “feeding machine” McGreavy grabbed a fistful of assists and tireless running all day to support the English/Yorkshire cause. Will “my brothers scared of Wales” Walker ran through the pain barrier and was peppering the goal with shots all day. Rob “weekend away” Arnott was happy crushing the Welsh all day.

By half time the game was moving Spencer’s way but it was far from over. Spencer needed to keep their composure and seen the game through. Their keeper was playing well and they still had legs to spare.

In the second half the defence was still holding strong. Jonny “monopoly advisor” Clarke was dominating and working hard in transition. Ant “pass go and collect $200” Kirkwood was giving the Cardiff attackers hell by dishing out the checks. Ed “they can’t play rugby or lax” Thom played a solid game and jogged off an injury to see the game through.

As the game progressed, Spencer continued to stretch the lead away from Cardiff. Their attack was a little one dimensional and some unforced errors were costing them dearly.

Jarrad “NOT dick of the day” Pengrazio slotted in five goals with some very accomplished play and running at the long sticks. Joe “larger bitch” Darkins notched a few goals to help the cause. Rob “am I secretly welsh?” Holmes decided to notch up a single goal in his lowest scoring game of the season.

The game finished a healthy 14 – 5 to Spencer and it was a job well done considering the distractions of monopoly and the amount of booze drunk on the way.

The team stopped at the club house after to watch the rugby and eat some well deserved sausage and chips. With England winning at the rugby much to the delight of the team and frustration of them locals, the day was complete.

Time to get the train home and get twatted!

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