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League Week 17: Spencer 3's 7 - 11 London University

This game was played at Spencer at the request of London University.

Spencer left the field frustrated as they knew they had lost game that they could of won. Too many basic errors and bad decisions gave London possession and whilst Spencer held out during most settled attack from the students, all the scrappy play resulted in goals by London Uni and that made the difference.

There was no denying effort and desire was there for Spencer. The young legs ran hard. The older legs tried to run hard. But in the heat of battle, a safe pass option was often overlooked, or a clear shooting chance missed. More composure was needed at critical times. That will come with experience and practice. The fact that many of the squad has not played a game since December due to numerous cancellations thanks to the British wet winter did not help.

On the plus side, impressive Spencer debuts for Elliot Fry and Tom Goddard who are both got on the scoresheet. Another positive were the quartet of long stick defenders who stripped the ball numerous times from London Uni attack.

Spencer 3’s were;
Colin Byrne, Hugo Hobson, Toby Rule, Chris Jones, Jobey Keane, Raphael Jackson, Gavin Park, Jamie Weir, James Sweetman, John Pattern, Tom Goddard (1 goal), Sam Horowitz, Elliot Fry (2), Rob Gooch (1), Peter Compton (2) and Dan Hilton (1)

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