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League Week 17: Spencer 16 - 2 Hillcroft

A full strength squad and the presence of Bob Meyer, how could the sparrows lose?

Spencer have a pattern of results this season and would Hillcroft certainly fancied their chances as one player mentioned to me earlier in the season, “it’ll be an interesting game at your place” with the emphasis on “we’ll beat you”.

Expected shell shock is a suitable phrase. Spencer were out of the blocks fast with the attack scoring freely. Sam ‘its grim up there’ Dunwoody scoring against his old team. Rob ‘my arm aches from scoring’ Holmes and Jarrad ‘dick of the day travesty’ Pengrazio both adding to an ever increasing scoreline.

By half time the sparrows (caww caww) had built a sizable lead and with merit had not conceded. Where other teams would relax Spencer were determined to put their foot on the gas and build an even bigger lead.

Roo ‘these are then droids you are looking for’ Cheetham, Jonny ‘smash and grab’ Clark, Alan ‘its not a late hit, its just misunderstood’ Keely and Ant ‘please can I play for Spencer xxx’ Kirkwood were all instrumental in maintaining that first half lock out and were brutal all day.

Not to mention Rick ‘less sleep and more beer = more saves’ Bone who although coy about his part was fantastic on the day.

The second half continued in the same fashion although there were two inevitable goals. Hillcroft are a good team and they did manage to break the nest twice. Although the scoring at the other end continued. Will ‘peg leg’ Walker, Kohl ‘are we playing lax, thought we were skiing’ Meyer, Max ‘shoreditch?’ Sandy, Rob ‘choppin some more lumber’ Arnott, Liam ‘lads let’s score 20’ McGreavy and Joe ‘what’s next Keeley?’ Darkins all played their part in effortless clears and constant running.

It was a fantastic performance and one that left Hillcroft obviously a bit shaken. Their downbeat demeanor after the game was only surpassed by Jarrad who was voted dick of the day despite an impressive performance. Roo was man of the match for his Jedi skills and amazing game.

Next weeks game is in the sunny happy valley of Cardiff away. Train + booze + lax + Cardiff should make it a boring fixture I’m sure.

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