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League Week 12: Reading 8 - 11 Spencer

Pigs in blankets, turkey and a huge amount of alcohol. Christmas is a time to celebrate and indulge. Being top of the league this festive period, Spencer found additional reasons to have ‘just one more mince pie’. This weeks game was against Reading, who have had mixed fortunes this season. To win the league a team needs to come out firing after Christmas and Spencer needed the proof to be in the Christmas pudding.

Turning up at Reading it was obviously the coldest game of the year. With a game already being played and the pitch already cutting up, Spencer had to embrace their northern roots and use the cold and mud to their advantage. Jarrad “dude, what’s this white shit falling from the sky?” Pengrazio had a harder challenge and would have to adapt from the softer Adelaide weather. We all knew he had game though.

With a frost bitten warm up the team was looking reluctantly ready. There was evidence of Christmas stuffing all over the pitch though. But it was time to jog it off, the game was beginning.

Kohl “Jarrad’s taxi bitch” Meyer started and won the face. It was evident that the team was a little rusty but still had the quality to produce and had Reading on the back foot. Reading looked a threat though and this was not going to be a walk over.

It always helps to be organised and do your homework. Kohl had scouted the team and detailed their threats and unsurprisingly their most dangerous player did the damage to start. Reading’s very own “Can ya’ll shoot faster than me? Then get off!” Long stick struck first to show early intent after some good moves by Spencer. On the run, high into the top corner. A shot usually gracefully plucked out of the air by Rick “I feel like shit. I didn’t go out last night at all!” Bone.

The weather always meant this game was going to be hard faught. The standard prolific Rob “Spencers getting goals for Christmas baby” Holmes was slotting goals in. The attack was gelling well with Will “wounded soldier” Walker and Jarrad. There was a number of successful one on one goals against long sticks.

With Sam and Max missing there was fewer legs in midfield but despite the pitch and conditions the midfield engine kept running all day. Rob “bulldozer” Arnott, Liam “we ain’t won shit yet” McGreavy, Kohl “Pengrazio logistics” Myer and Joe “friendly fire moving pick” Darkins all worked their socks off.

The game was tied at half time 6 – 6. Spencer were in a problematic situation, but one that was not unforseen. Rick Bone was not having his greatest day in goal and Reading, although not as controlled as Spencer were still finding ways to breach the nest.

Spencer knew they had the firepower in the arsenal to win, but they would have to brush off the Christmas cake crumbs and spring into action. Losing this game would result in dropping down to onto the same points as Blues. The players were under no illusion about the task facing the team in the second half.

The game started well and Spencer started scoring but so did Reading with as many long sticks scoring as short for the Berkshire boys. Luckily Spencer started showing a bit more purpose and the usual contenders of Holmes, Jarrad and Walker all stepping up.

Reading were getting more and more frustrated at the lack of opportunities. Ant “dick of the day conspiracy” Kirkwood, Roo “silent but deadly” Cheetham, Jonny “I can shoot harder than the red neck” Clark, Alan “I’ve made another!” Keeley were all working hard in defence. But for portions of the game the team was a little quiet in defence which helped Reading score.

So what was the final score? Reading 8 – Spencer 11. But based on this result, I think we can all be sure Christmas won this week.

Now the sprouts are out of the system, Purley will feel the full sparrow force next week.

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