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League: Spencer 19 - 1 Purley

This week the Mighty Sparrows welcomed Purley LC to the Fieldview Stadium.

Early indications had been that the game may be called off due to the adverse weather conditions (i.e. some form of prolonged wetness never experienced by the southern members of the team). However after some comforting words by the northern lads, and a committed early pitch inspection by Jonny ‘groundskeeper Willie’ Clark, the game was on!

Spencer hit the ground running, as is customary in a lacrosse game, and tallied a number of early goals to finish the first quarter 5-0. The majority of these came through classic Spencer counterattacks with at least 4 poles in the opposing half of the pitch. However not all games can be won on this philosophy alone as pointed out by Rick ‘my poles have flown the nest’ Bone. Therefore on this advice the Spencer Manager Tom ‘can we do a Star Drills after the game?’ Bailey, talked through the idea of a settled attacking display in the remaining 3 quarters.

The second quarter began with a flurry of counterattacks after some fantastic face off play by Spencer’s own Sister Sister tribute act Gabe ‘I turn up when I want’ Barrie and Will ‘I don’t know where he is, it’s not like we’re joined at the hip…anymore’ Barrie.

Also providing the much needed legs and extra goals from Midfield were James ‘I hope someone’s got my kit’ Mearns, Rob ‘Juggernaut’ Arnott and Sam ‘Reading have pillaged my kit’ Davidson. With one goal leaking through at the other end Spencer finished the half 10-1 up.

Half time. Que the rock music and infomercials.

The second half of the game did produce some excellent settled attack play as Spencer selected their match ups like a pack of lions waiting on the weakest buffalo before pouncing. ‘Stampede, in the pride lands’ was the Purley call as Alan ‘I could have walked from Croydon faster’ Keeley caused mayhem in their defence. Whilst Dan ‘if you can dodge a wrench you can dodge on a pole’ Macken and debutant/top scorer Alex ‘I’m bored of scoring now so I’m going to play catch with the goalie’ Langton continued to tally up.

This impressive attacking display was backed up with a solid second half performance by the straight D trio of Spencer ‘I just want to be friends’ Reihl, Tom ‘Goals and Assists’ Leahy and Jonny ‘Goals’ Clark keeping the door firmly shut.

The clouds drew over as the final whistle neared, the game ended virtually in the dark with a 19-1 scoreline and a triumphant Spencer were left to stamp out the divets and enjoy some tall frosty ones in the bar.

Next week Spencer travel to deepest darkest west London to test their metal against Hampstead for the second time this year.

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