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League: Spencer 14 - 10 Walcountian Blues

The Blues were left with the blues as a solid team performance and good tactics gave Spencer victory in this crucial mid-table Premiership clash.

Spencer got off to another great start, just like last week against Purley. Four quick goals gave us a lead, which this week, we held on to for the whole game. The difference was that we had control of much of the game. The Blues did get within two goals at 12-10 near the end of the final quarter but a timely goal from the experienced Joe Bayern made it 13-10 with only a couple of minutes to go. A late strike finished them off.

Our tactics today were spot-on. We negated the threat of the Blues best two players, midfielders Matt Bagley #2 and their LDO #10, by sticking our best two long-sticks on them, Jesse and Alan (back early from injury and no lasting after effects to report). However this tactic would not of worked without Glen Gardener playing a blinding game as short-stick defence. For that Glen, a genetic cross between ‘the cat’ from Red Dwarf and ‘Sideshow Bob’ from the Simpsons, gets today’s man-of-the-match award.

Elsewhere on the pitch the team performance was the best so far this season. Basic errors were minimal. We moved the ball well in attack and were patient when it came to creating chances. As you can see, most of the short-sticks chipped in with goals. Colin pulled off some great saves and his clearing was very tidy. Matt Osgood scored his debut goal for Spencer. I could mention everyone by name but I’ll just say we all showed some steel today which all bodes well for the games ahead.

Spencer were;
Colin Byrne, Matt Blom, Craig Simkin, Rob Gooch, Jesse Churchward (1 goal), Alan Keeley, Dan Hughes (1), Glen Gardener, Matt Osgood (1), Jeff Schaper (1), Colin Rutter (1), Will Walker (1), Peter Sayia (4), Alex Lee, Mark Davies (2), Joe Bayern (2)

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