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League: Spencer 11 - 5 Hitchin

Ding Dong, Ding Dong. Who’s there? Somebody’s at the door, who is it? It’s the Mail Man. What’s he got? He’s got Spencer’s addition of ‘Top of the league at Christmas’.

A capacity crowd at the Fieldview Stadium watched Spencer and Hitchen take on each other in a thrilling encounter. With Spencer sitting 2nd and Hitchen 3rd, this was a battle of the big boys and both teams were ready for an exciting match. Unleashing….anger…..

It was the visitors who opened the scoring quickly with a Shot Goal Nifty Little Inside Move. Just like a day after a bad chilli cook-off, we were knotted in duces. After this initial glitch the defence of Spencer ‘keepin it’ Reihl, Jonny ‘He’s climbing in your windows, he’s snatching your people up’ Clarke, Tom ‘logs on to, I just flat out sting corners anytime I want’ Leahy and Will ‘breaks scoring virginity’ Barrie firmly shut the door but for the rest of the quarter Spencer could not make their presence known on home turf and left things 1-0 to the visitors after 20 minutes.

Great Zues’s Beard! Spencer had a game on their hands and needed to step up a gear.

The second quarter began and the Spencer attack were heating up, heating up faster than a junkies spoon. Here Alex ‘move your feet please lads’ Langton and Rob ‘assists between the legs’ Holmes were the ammunition for 3 goals on the bounce from Dan ‘Slipdillicious’ Macken who won the race to Nifty. You’re holding thifty thousand volts little man, don’t be afraid to ride the lightning! This flurry of activity left the score 4-1 at the half and Spencer in the driving seat.

Tangtastics passed round, the 3rd quarter got underway and continued in much the same way as the second. Central to this continuation was the midfield machine, comprising of Sam ‘Golden Axe’ Davidson, James ‘Wing Commander’ Mearns, Rick ‘Abe Lincoln’s Mullet’ Topham and Sacha ‘Opens mouth, Then looks over shoulder’ Stout, which provided the necessary legs to keep Spencer breaking up the field and adding to the tally. Keeping strong at the back in the pipes, Rick ‘The Dog Whisperer’ Bone made sure the gap was extended between the sides with the quarter ending 8-2. Not you fat Jesus! Not up in here!

In the final quarter Gabe ‘if Will bleeds I bleed’ Barrie continued his excellent work at the centre to keep Spencer in control. It was at some point around here that Cam ‘I’ll rock up when I want’ Leslie arrived to assist in closing the game out. The nails in the coffin were provided by goals and assists from El Capitano who logged on to www.istingcorners.com. If you want defend Rob Holmes right now bring a fire extinguisher!

Holy Good Gravy it had been a great match, with both teams playing great lacrosse. Bar a last minute flurry from the visitors who battled hard all day, Spencer ended the game comfortably at 11-5.

Final whistle gone, Spencer headed in to the bar for some World Farms delicious, world famous, fresh never frozen chicken. World Farms. Real Fresh. Real Fast.

Spencer start 2014 in pole position in the league but with things tight at the top it’ll be an exciting second half of the season and if you don’t think that’s awesome, then you need awesome lessons!

See you later 2013.

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