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League Result: Hampstead 26 - 2 Spencer

When the league AGM comes around again, Spencer will suggest a lacrosse rule change, “Last goal is the winner”. For three quarters and nineteen minutes of the game we done some light jogging around the pitch, threw the ball around a bit, mostly at each others feet, and watched the very good Hampstead team take it in turns to find the back of our net. But for the last minute of the game we out-scored Hampstead courtesy of Ant Broadhurst.

We gave Hampstead more fast breaks than Ronnie O’Sullivan! It’s not that we did not have our share of the ball, we did, we just kept throwing it away. Hampstead on the other hand were fast, slick and did not make any errors.

Words can describe how we played; in defense we were “statuesque” and in attack we were plain “sloppy”. So without doubt the worst display of lacrosse in the Spencer colours. At least we can only go in one direction now.

So at the end of the day we take inspiration from Gordon Strachan (when manager of Coventry City) for the post-match interview…

Question: So, Spencer, in what areas do you think Hampstead were better than you today?
Answer: What areas? Mainly that big green one out there!

Players Man of the Match = Ant Broadhust (great face-off work)
Players Goon 1 = Pete Compton (tried to chuck a bucket of water of the team and ended up soaking himself)
Players Goon 2 = Alan Keeley (was caught pouring half his pint over a wall)
Spencer were (rubbish);
Colin Byrne, Alan Keeley, Rob Gooch, Matt Blom, Craig Simkin, Fletch Brumley, Will Walker (1 goal), Colin Rutter, Ant Broadhurst (1), Keith Holloway, Toby Thompson, Pete Duckworth, Mike Bayern, Ross Hudson, Glen Gardener, Nick Flew, Mark Davies, Andrew Mottershead, Peter Sayia

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