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League: Reading 3 - 19 Spencer

It was time for Spencer to head to reading to play the third game of the season and with one win and a loss it was essential the sparrows glide to victory. With eleven players Spencer were short on numbers and all players needed to be firing on all cylinders.

This started in worrying style with a tube closure. In Jonny ‘that Danish chick was fridgid’ Clark’s words “its an hour to anywhere in London”. So the team were left to fend for themselves to brave the trip to Paddington without the safety of the northern line.

An especially vulnerable young fawn was Spencer ‘wake up early, leave late’ Rhiel was on a sightseeing tour of Stockwell as the rest of the team was departing for Reading. Rarely has a player got dick of the day so early.

The team arrived in reading having enjoyed the high tech train by watching re-runs of sporting victories. A quick taxi and the players arrived in rain at the reading ground.

Reading were a numerous team but did not appear to be as strong as previous years. After a quick warm up the game started and the Sparrows took an early lead and didn’t look back.

The new look attack of Rob ‘back for vengeance’ Holmes, Dan ‘two pints after two games’ Mackem and Will ‘I like making the goalie scream’ Walker were proving far too much for Reading.

By half time the score was an impressive 10 – 0. This was testament to the impressive play from the whole team. The defence were not giving them a sniff of goal with Spencer ‘late for juniors and seniors’ Rhiel, Tom ‘outscoring Jonny’ Leahy and Jonny ‘Colin’s butcher’ Clark all having great games.

Despite a few momentary lapses where Reading managed to sneak a few goals Spencer marched to victory in impressive style. The midfield of Tim ‘just made the train’ Holdsworth, Cam ‘just four goals’ Leslie, Joe ‘talent spotter’ Darkins and Rob ‘Jonny’s my kit bitch’ Arnott ran all day and switched in attack to keep Reading guessing.

Before this report is signed off, Spencer lost a true sparrow. A mighty believer in the cause that defied laws, never stopped barking and was the only person to love our keeper more than the players.

Lester ‘salsa’ Bone was loved by all and will never be forgotten. RIP little friend and keep on barking.

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