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Ken Galluccio Cup (European Club Championship)

logo-kgc13-160We are EUROPEAN CLUB CHAMPIONS!

The european annual club championships, the Ken Galluccio Cup, this year held in Ghent, Belgium, where the winners of each european national league meet to find out who’s the best in Europe.

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Read the full tournament report.

[![The victorious Spencer squad](http://res.cloudinary.com/edshee/image/upload/h_476,w_800/v1475660140/kgc2013-squad_rtfful.jpg)](http://res.cloudinary.com/edshee/image/upload/v1475660140/kgc2013-squad_rtfful.jpg)Top Row: Rob Arnott, Jonny Clarke, Tim Holdsworth, Cam Leslie, Spencer Riehl, Tom Leahy, Gabe Barrie, Alan Keeley, Peter Compton (coach) + Bottom Row: Will Barrie, Rob Holmes, James Mearns, Josh Dodd, Rick Bone, Joe Darkins
# Tournament Results

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Sat 09:00Spencer vs Red Rhinos18:1 (8:0, 10:1)
Sat 14:00Edinburgh vs Spencer2:14 (2:7, 0:7)
Sat 17:30Spencer vs Amsterdam Lions13:0 (3:0, 4:0, 5:0, 1:0)
Sun 10:30SEMI: Spencer vs LCC Radotin7:5 (2:1, 1:1, 2:0, 2:3)
Sun 13:45FINAL: Farsta Cobras vs Spencer3:13 (1:4, 0:3, 1:2, 1:4)
The very successful day 1 was completed with a faultless 13-0 win over the Amsterdam Lions. Sunday is going to be massive with a semi-final against LCC Radotin, the Czech Republic champions, then either the grand final or a 3rd/4th play-off. In the other half of the draw, Stockport dominated but also racked up 18.5 minutes of penalties over three comfortable victories.

Day 2 witnessed an epic semi-final against LCC Radotin. Spencer pulled into a 6-2 lead with 15 minutes to play but the Czech champions scored three without reply to shred the nerves before James Mearns scored with 30 seconds remaining to restore a two goal cushion and ice the game. Wow!

In the other half of the draw, the Swedes, Farsta Cobras shocked Stockport with a 6-5 win in overtime. The game stats show it was tight throughout with both teams trading goals but Stockports 29 shots to only 14 from Farsta shows the Northern League champions had plenty of the ball, but with a 75% save ratio, the Farsta goalie was on fire. Wow!

In the final we beat Farsta Cobras 13-3 to bring home the trophy!

More tournament report info to be added plus hopefully plenty of photos.

Highest Scoring Teams

1st**Spencer** (England)65
2ndStockport (England)51
3rdFarsta Cobras (Sweden)38
### Individual Player Points
**Pos****Player Name (Club)****Points**
1st**Rob Holmes** (Spencer)29 (25 goals + 4 assists)
2ndTom Gosnay (Stockport)22 (15 goals + 7 assists)
=3rdRadek Skála (LCC Radotin)17 (13 goals + 4 assists)
=3rd**Joe Darkins** (Spencer)17 (10 goals + 7 assists)
### Goalkeeper Statistics
**Pos****Player Name (Club)****Games****Saves****Goals****Saves Percentage**
1stTomáš Říha (LCC Radotin)5241365 %
2nd**Rick Bone **(Spencer)5201165 %
3rdTom Elfström (Farsta Cobras)4372164 %
### Team Penalties
**Pos****Team****Penalty Minutes**
1st**Spencer** (England)9.5 mins (3 technical + 7 personal)
2ndRed Rhinos (Belgium)12 mins (6 technical + 9 personal)
3rdStuttgart (Germany)12 mins (10 technical + 7 personal)
12thStockport (England)42.5 mins (17 technical + 29 personal)
### Spencer Squad & Statistics
**#****Name****Games****Goals****Assists****Penalties****Penalty Minutes**
55Arnott Rob51000
7Barrie Gabe52211
18Barrie Will50021.5
1Bone Rick50010.5
37Clarke Johnny51111
6Darkins Joe510700
38Dodd Josh51200
19Holdsworth Tim52200
11Holmes Rob525400
2Keeley Alan512244.5
17Leahy Tom51100
8Leslie Cam53300
20Mearns James57200
19Riehl Spencer51211
[![Ken Galluccio Cup](http://res.cloudinary.com/edshee/image/upload/h_300,w_224/v1475660141/kgc2013-trophy_bobdin.jpg)](http://res.cloudinary.com/edshee/image/upload/v1475660141/kgc2013-trophy_bobdin.jpg)Ken Galluccio Cup
## Final Tournament Standings
1**Spencer** (England)
2Farsta Cobras (Sweden)
3Stockport (England)
4LCC Radotin (Czech Republic)
5Stuttgart (Germany)
6Oslo Legends (Norway)
7Amsterdam Lions (Netherlands)
8Edinburgh (Scotland)
9UCD (Ireland)
10Lille Spartiates (France)
11Bocconi (Italy)
12Red Rhinos (Belgium)
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