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Junior Tournament, Reading

The event turned out to be a little too near Christmas for a few regular team members. However, we were able to travel with enough players to enter the eight a side tournament as four players from the Honeywell Pop Programme came along to try field lacrosse for the very first time.

The event seemed to have an ‘open’ age grouping but in principal, we played in an ‘Under 12’ grouping. None the less, this left the ‘new’ players a bit disadvantaged as they are in the 9/10 year age group.

I do know that Patrick and Will have a lot of experience and Matt is very able but I thought generally, we would have a very tough time. – how wrong can you be!

Everyone raised their game on a very cold afternoon and the ‘new’ players converted to field lacrosse without at blip. From six games, the team won two, drew three and lost to one – an excellent series of results promising an exciting future for Junior Lacrosse at Spencer.

Picking out individuals on such an afternoon when everyone excels is a bit unfair but Jules played particularly well against Ernest Bevin and Jo really stepped up in the last game against Portsmouth where we turned round a 3 – 0 deficit to tie.

No medals this time but a really good all round performance with everyone showing that they are becoming better players. A good team and a good result.

The Team: Patrick Niesen, Matt Leeks, Tris Hensel Coe, James Johnson, Jo Philip, Bill Fisher, Julian Glover, Sam Johnson and Will Walker.

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