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Holder Trophy 2012

The Holder Trophy is a Junior Six a Side Tournament hosted by Spencer (and before Spencer, Beckenham) since 1984 – a little Orwellian but true.

Under 12’s – Team A

![](http://i589.photobucket.com/albums/ss339/SpencerLax/Spencer%20Lacrosse/Lacrosse%202012-13/12_10_21%20Holders%20Trophy/th_DSC_7895.jpg)U12 Winners
Spencer u12’s recovered the Holder Trophy from Pythons in a repeat of last season’s Championship Game when the was tied after double overtime. This season Spencer u12’s remained undefeated in the Tournament playing at a good standard and moving the ball really well in every game. And, on the day, being the best team in every department. The team: Will, Dan P, Matt, Edward, Izzy, Leo, Spencer (yep, that’s his name) and Jake.

Under 12’s – Team B

![](http://i589.photobucket.com/albums/ss339/SpencerLax/Spencer%20Lacrosse/Lacrosse%202012-13/12_10_21%20Holders%20Trophy/th_DSC_7671.jpg)U12’s Team B (again)
![](http://i589.photobucket.com/albums/ss339/SpencerLax/Spencer%20Lacrosse/Lacrosse%202012-13/12_10_21%20Holders%20Trophy/th_DSC_7678.jpg)U12’s Team B
Spencer u12s entered a much younger ‘2nd’ team into the tournament supported by Ezra and Patrick. This team came second in all their games but were never outclassed scoring in all every match. Playing in the tournament gave everyone a lot of excellent ‘live game’ time and tournament experience which will set well for next year. The team: Tommy, Hunter, Ezra, Lexie, Lucas, Charlie, Owen and Patrick.

Under 14’s

To be fair, the u14 team played at a better standard than their opposition. In an effort to balance the game, our coaches ensured the team moved and kept possession of the ball rather than go directly to goal all the time. The outcome was a last minute goal against the team and a 12-13 loss. Unfortunate for our coaching. The team: Alex, Jude, Milo, Joey, Harrison, Ben, did really well.

## Under 16’s

The u16’s confirmed their recent ‘regular game’ successes over both Blues and Reading, repeating those outcomes in the shortened format game – as with the u12s, the team remained unbeaten and were the clearly the strongest on the day. The team: Dan, Ewan, Zac, Guy, Harvey, Clem and Connor.

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