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Friendly: Reading 2's 4 - 4 Spencer 2's

A lovely sunny day in Reading saw another outing for the emerging Spencer 2nd team. A pitch at Reading Uni hosted the game against the Reading 2nd team which is a healthy mix of school, college and uni players.

We expected 10 or 11 players for this game but problems on the day meant we were only six but Reading had good numbers so they lent us 4 players to make it a full numbers game…and what a good game it was.

As with many ‘developing’ player games, it started scrappy with terrible ground balls and no real control but as players got into the swing, the quality improved and both teams started to play good looking lacrosse.

By the 3rd and 4th quarters we were especially pleased with our play, probably our best display from the friendlies we’ve played since January. We passed the ball realiably and made chances on goal. An improved final pass or a more controlled shot would of given us a bag load of goals.

So plenty still to improve on. We are looking for more friendly games during the off-season and we need to bring on another 5 or 6 players to make squad numbers viable for next season – so come look us up.

Spencer were;
Rob Gooch, Cliff Hide, Anthony Dawson, Stephen Greszczyszyn, Louis Villard, John Jones + 4 Reading players

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