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Flags Week 19: East Grinstead 3 - 11 Spencer

![Lester in a tux](http://www.spencerlax.co.uk/images/lester_tux.jpg)Lester in a tux
This is the second match report I’ve written for this game. The first was dull and dreary about how/why the team struggled. How it steadily got better and maybe I was going to finish it off with how it was uncharacteristic but a good result and that we can’t repeat the first half in the final. Needless to say I didn’t enjoy reading it so I wrote a new one.The game started badly. No one would say the team played well but front to back the team picked it up and steadily got into the game and ground out a good result. Rick “salsa hot” Bone was the steady rock at the back throughout. In the end the team only conceded 3 and scored 11.

The scientific explanation for the slow start was the alien feeling each player had by not having their first sip of alcohol by 16:00 on a Saturday afternoon. This will make a man a little grumpy and proves we are not accustomed to late starts. As a team we’ll have to drink the through it.

Another point to note is that Lester was unusually quiet. Usually we are greeted to his mono-vocabulary all match.

The big news is that Spencer is in the flags final again for the second year in a row. This will be a massive year if Spencer retain the flags and can also (as it seems likely at the time of writing this (touch wood)) take the league as well. Now is the time to make the final push for silverware with only a handful of games to go.

In celebration of the great result and a place in the final here is a picture of lester in a tux.

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