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Flags: Hampstead 2 - 8 Spencer

We’ll play them on the beaches, we’ll play them on the landing grounds, we’ll also play them under a motorway flyover behind some flats. This week it was a case of de ja vou as Spencer travelled to Hampstead for the second time this season, looking to take another step towards retaining the Flags.

Having only beaten them by 2 goals in the last outing, there was a very serious atmosphere amongst the squad as they sat in the changing rooms and discussed who had the shiniest cleats, what dance classic shall we play next and where was Spencer Reihl?

The whistle went and the game began with a quick draw and possession courtesy of Spencer’s own Jedward tribute act staring Will ‘I can down faster than my brother’ Barrie and Gabe ‘if anyone asks I’ll say it was me’ Barrie. Throughout the first period both teams created chances but could only produce a stalemate and took their 2 minute breather with the score locked at 0-0. Such was the excitement of the first 20 minutes that Alan ‘floating rib’ Keeley had to withdraw from the days activities.

The second period was a completely different affair and with a quick first goal the Sparrows had their tails up and took a lead of 3-0 in to half time. Central to this first half shut out had been the defensive prowess of Spencer ’50 No’s and a Yes means Yes’ Reihl, Jonny ‘teach me all you know Spencer’ Clarke and Tom ‘Volly Vision’ Leahy. This left the trio in good spirits a long with the ever present Rick ‘just a 2 minute warm up today lads’ Bone, who was delighted to have some long pole company for a change.

By this point Spencer had drawn a crowed in the stands courtesy of 3 local lads (naturally being West London 2 had United shirts on). We’re they keen to play? Was my wallet OK? Did they think it was the Quidditch House Cup? Either way Spencer had to now see this one out for the fans and after some motivational words by Tom ‘Jurgen Klopp’ Bailey, the team each grabbed a Nimbus 2000 and began the second half.

A dominant 20 minutes followed with Spencer adding 2 goals to their tally. The new look attack of Alex ‘Reverse Jew’ Langton, Dan ‘chivalry isn’t dead’ Macken and Tim ‘my dad’s come to watch to make sure those kids don’t beat me up’ Holdsworth combined beautifully as they had all day to keep the Sparrows flying high. Just like Spencer Reihl on a hot summers day, everything seemed to be wrapped up nice and tight. However in the last minute of the quarter Hampstead managed to add 2 goals to their score card and the teams entered the break nervously at 5-2.

‘Brooklands Lacrosse!’ was the call to see out the game and all the team sat round as Dan ‘Mack Attack’ Macken recalled all he had learned in his youth about possession, possession, possession!

In true Spencer fashion the quarter time tutorial had been forgotten and both sides, like Russian Infantry divisions, sent out wave after wave of attacks. Whilst the defence held strong and the attack notched some extra goals, the spirited legs of the midfield kept things moving and with some excellent riding made sure Hampstead couldn’t settle on the ball. James ‘shooting boots’ Mearns looked lively after a week of Mums and Tums whilst Sacha ‘hidden ball trick master’ Stout and Rob ‘The BFG’ Arnott put in an impressive performance between the lines. Added to this the speed of Cam ‘no football this morning so I’m going to run laps tonight’ Leslie and Sam ‘I need more training scoring on an open goal’ Davidson, Spencer triumphed 8-2 at full time.

All that remained now was to walk down the road and sample truly the ‘Best Pizza In Town’ courtesy of the local Irish pub/ Italian pizzeria mash up.

Next week Spencer travel the short distance to Hillcroft in search of another 2 points.

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