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England Academy South 8 - 7 Mayflower Select

[![EngAcad v Mayflower 1](http://res.cloudinary.com/edshee/image/upload/h_183,w_300/v1475660155/2013EngUSA113_ibcz5s.jpg "EngAcad v Mayflower 1")](http://res.cloudinary.com/edshee/image/upload/v1475660155/2013EngUSA113_ibcz5s.jpg)Jude goes to goal
Spencer juniors provided the core of the sixteen man England Academy South squad that played a Mayflower Select on the Spencer Astro on Thursday evening.

Both the Mayflower Select team, travelling to England from just south of Boston, and the Academy team were unused to playing together and were ‘feeling their way’ at the start but Select found their feet first and jumped out to a 3 – 1 lead at quarter time. From then on the Academy slowly pulled back the score to be tied 5 – 5 at three quarters. In the last period as the players tired, Nathan found the goal twice to help the Academy just claim the win at the final whistle.

[![EngAcad v Mayflower 2](http://res.cloudinary.com/edshee/image/upload/h_300,w_211/v1475660153/2013EngUSA30_pi2lk4.jpg "EngAcad v Mayflower 2")](http://res.cloudinary.com/edshee/image/upload/v1475660153/2013EngUSA30_pi2lk4.jpg)Harvey steers away
A close, exciting game played with good skill in a great spirit – with no personal fouls called (with only one ‘maybe’) – I know – coz I reffed!

Spencer representatives: Clem, Dan, Ewan, Harvey, Jude, Milo, Nathan, Tyler and Cam.

[![EngAcad v Mayflower Squads](http://res.cloudinary.com/edshee/image/upload/h_199,w_300/v1475660154/2013EngUSA158_b9irwi.jpg "EngAcad v Mayflower Squads")](http://res.cloudinary.com/edshee/image/upload/v1475660154/2013EngUSA158_b9irwi.jpg)England Academy South (Red) and Mayflower Select (White)
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