Junior lacrosse in southern England has grown over the past few years with more established clubs running junior programmes working closely with local schools.

The English Lacrosse Association (ELA) has also encouraged clubs bringing in Local Development Officers (LDO’s) to work in the schools and encourage lacrosse as a mixed gender PE activity.

At Spencer Junior Lacrosse we are able to offer:

  • Scoopers Lacrosse – for 6/7 yrs+ boys and girls – having fun and picking up the basic skills common through Lacrosse using ‘soft’ Pop Lacrosse rules and equipment.
  • Pop Lacrosse – playing ‘non-contact’ rules, Pop Lacrosse is a great way for boys and girls to be introduced to the basic skills required to play lacrosse – this element of our Programme is aimed at players of primary school age.
  • PinBall Lacrosse – for younger players who are ready to step up from Pop Lacrosse. PinBall is open to boys and girls playing limited ‘mens’ rules Lacrosse.
  • Field Lacrosse – The field lacrosse group has U12, U14 and U16 divisions and is generally open to both boys and girl’s playing ‘mens’ rules Lacrosse.

Note – The ELA caps the participation of girls playing ‘mens’ rules to Under 14′s and at the end of this age grouping we encourage our girl players to join a local women’s’ teams. We do not currently have a women’s lacrosse section at Spencer.

We also have events for U18/U19 events and encourage maturing players to continue to play in our senior teams.

Coaching Team 2014/15

Eddie Vita

Eddie Vita

We welcome Eddie Vita to join our coaching team as our Local Development Officer (LDO) for the season.

“My name is Eddie Vita and I am from San Diego, California. Growing up, I played soccer and lacrosse in high school for Coronado High School and surfed whenever I had the time. When it came time to go to college, I went to Denison University in Granville, Ohio and played lacrosse there. I graduated from Denison with a B.A. in economics and a minor in chemistry. I was a four-year member of the Denison University Men’s Lacrosse team where I was named an NCAA Division III All-American, the North Coast Athletic Conference (NCAC) Offensive Player of the Year, and Brine National Player of the Week. During my junior year, I studied abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark and liked Europe so much that I had to come back which is why I’m excited and thankful that I am able to be a Local Development Officer for the English Lacrosse Association.”

Peter Compton

Peter Compton

The club head coach is Peter Compton. He coordinates the junior programme and has been involved with lacrosse since time began.

New Players Welcome

As always, juniors players new to the club or new to Lacrosse are very welcome. Parents please call or email our junior coordinator, Peter Compton so he can give you all the information you need. Pete’s contact details are on our Contacts page.

Junior Equipment – Club Policy

For most events players will generally need to wear sports clothing. As with the seniors, most games are played on grass with the occasional game on artificial pitches. Remember to pack spare dry clothing for away games if playing conditions are wet and muddy.

The specific lacrosse equipment of stick, helmet, gloves and padding is provided on a ‘loan’ basis, payable at the start of the season. The club provided playing shirts for games.