Club Membership Forms (2015/16 Season)

We have slightly different club membership forms depending on the players age and whether they will be playing field lacrosse or a junior player wishing to play pop lacrosse. We also offer an option for those wanting to join as a social member.

Forms can be downloaded here. Completed forms will be collected by the club coach, secretary or team captains at the beginning of each season, or when the player joins the club if mid-way through a season.

Existing club members must complete a new membership form for each new season. The lacrosse season in the UK runs from October to April.

Senior Members

Senior Membership 2015-2016

Senior Membership in Education 2015-2016

Senior Membership Non Playing 2015-2016


Junior Aged 17/18 Members

Age 17-18 Junior Membership 2015-2016


Junior Aged 15/16 Members

Junior 15/16 Membership Form


Junior 12/13/14 Members

Junior 12/13/14 Membership Form


Junior Pop Lacrosse Members

Junior Pop Lacrosse Membership Form

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